Here are some common question about GCP luxury

Purchasing from GCP Luxury is very simple.

  • Click “Shop” on the Menu Bar
  • Click on your item of choice
  • Select the size and color of the item
  • Add your items to the cart by clicking “Add to Cart’ or “Buy Now” if you are ready to check out.
  • Fill the information needed in the “Billing Details” form
  • Select your payment method and Shipment of choice
  • Click on Place Order

Currently, we accept every payment method provided by Midtrans and Paypal.

You can check and track the delivery with the receipt that is given at the end of the purchase, in the website of the shipping company of your choice. Shipping time may vary depending on your location.

We currently provide local shipment such as TIKI, JNE, Pos Indonesia, as well as international shipping such as DHL, USP, and FedEx.

Every product shipment is provided with insurances that covers the products. If for any reason the goods are not received, You can contact our customer service.

You can return the products if you include documentation if the products are indeed faulty. You will require to keep online invoice and documentation on the faulty product.

GCP Luxury will provide the tracking code used by your shipment of choice so you can track your package real-time.

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